Previous Selections

2017 Selections will be announced just before the Show and archived here afterward.

2016 Selections Archive:

  2016 Film Archive: Filmed by: Description:
1 Locals Caleb Ely and Asa Silver These young guys are enjoying the trails right from their back door.
2 BACE Jay Marsh Bend Area Cycling Enthusiasts showing what they do on their rides.
3 Spring Trials 2015 Ross Winsor Ross is often seen on a rock pile or concrete wall…jumping up it.
4 Gorge Roubaix Kenji Sugahara Roubaixs are road races that incorporate unimproved roads as another challenge for the riders.
5 Bend Crusade Kenji Sugahara The Bend Crusade brings nearly 1,000 racers to town for the weekend.
6 Billy the Bike Coach Lauren with art from Bayla, Clara and Ashley Artwork from athletes Clara, Ashley and Bayla, animation by Coach Lauren. These cartoons were all over the office walls last summer.
7 Get Up Max Chehab & Tighe Burke Max and Tighe seeing where their limits are on the bike.
8 Bend to Boise Ryan Choate Bend locals exploring some new trails between here and Boise on a road trip.
9 3 Bikes, 3 Minutes Harrison Mendel The perfect Bend-Bike? Yes.
10 Shreducation Bend Endurance Academy A recap of the past 12 months from the BEA cycling team.
11 What is NICA? National Interscholastic Mountain Bike Association We want to have a NICA league in Oregon someday.
12 Cross American Charles Perry Charles lives in Portland and met Tony on his ride across the USA.
13 Terrible 2’s*** Audience Favorite *** Todd Looby Seamus is getting some miles on the Strider bike.
14 All in a Day’s Work Sal Collura Sal visits Co-Motion cycles to see what goes into hand-building bike frames in Eugene, OR.
15 Bike Camping Bend Drew Holmes Drew and Jenelle out for a camping trip this spring.
16 The Line Casey Kohlhoff Bend locals Chris and Katy provided the axles needed for this documentary crew to take their trailers in the woods to film this entire movie by bike.
17 Endur bro Devon Lyons Devon runs the Oregon Enduro Series and we have 2 entries to give away to the races tonight!

Archive of the 2014 Program

We are pleased to announce that MALLETHEAD was the winner of the $250 Schmid Malone Attorneys Audience Favorite Award for 2014!

Chad Cheeney, from Bend, made the film with a group of friends in Durango, CO during a series of road trips in 2007. The 19-minute film takes us along on the road as a disheveled but dedicated Bike Polo Team tries to compete at their first (and only) away match.

As the winner, MALLETHEAD has earned a spot into the BendFilm Festival in October!

Congratulations to Chad and his ‘Team’ for the win!

  • The Rise of Enduro by Oregon Enduro Series
  • Academy Cycling Recap by Bill Warburton
  • Take Care A Yer Bike by Aaron Brandt
  • Cycling: A catalyst for Adventure by Cameron Carrick
  • The Little Things: Descending by Rapha and Team Sky
  • Mac’s Attack by Carl Decker
  • Carson Storch by Wes Coughlin
  • Confessions of a Lunch Rider by Aron Yarmo
  • Trials Riding Fall 2013 by Ross Winsor
  • COTA: By the Numbers by Steve Remer
  • TRON KONG by Spencer Douglass
  • Flow by Chad Sageser
  • Mallethead by Chad Cheeney
  • Spring Mix by Carson Storch
  • Chasing Trail by Oly Mingo

Archive of the 2013 Program

Entries to the 2013 show:

  1. Fall on Slate by Ross Winsor
  2. Swell Velo at USGP by Matt Fox
  3. Cyclocross 2012 by Mark Reinecke
  4. Flow – Elements of Freeride by Oly Mingo
  5. Trail Etiquette by COTA Trail Etiquette Comm. (three parts)
  6. Day of the Dog by Colt Maule
  7. Bend Oregon Mountain Biking by Uncage the Soul
  8. NW Gentlemen’s Race by RAPHA
  9. Bend Endurance Academy Teams by Bill Warburton
  10. AllRide at Retallack by Gunnar Oliphant
  11. BMX Great Nowrthwest Nationals by WestSideBMX
  12. Behind the Barriers: Bend by Sam Smith
  13. McKenzie River Trail Part 1 by
  14. Geoff Gulevich in Bend by DAKINE
  15. USGP of Cyclocross by Motofish

Archive of the 2012 Program:

  • Intro to the Outside Games from Flick5 Films (Hans Skjersaa)
  • Enter the Ninja from Steve Remer
  • Chasing Gravity by Colt Maule
  • Lego Riders by the Biskup Brothers
  • Shuttle to the Top by Lev Stryker (Winner of the Audience Favorite Award!)
  • Particles by Wes Coughlin
  • Bend Endurance Academy Intro
  • Roundabout Safety from Commute Options (Brian Potwin)
  • Bikepacking by Gibson Mokler
  • Summer Trials by Derik Sprando
  • When I Grow Up by Mark Reineike
  • School Food Tour featuring Sara Salo
  • Retallack MTB by Steve Remer
  • BLITZ 2011 from Erik Eastland and Whit Bazemore
  • Dreaming by Chad Sageser
  • Cross-Dressed from PDX Cross

Archive of the 2011 Program

An Archive of the 2011 Program, some are now available online, click the links to view:

  • Switch
  • Crash.O
  • Ride Guide: Bend, OR
  • Blair Cow Project
  • Ben’s Strider Bike Stand Up Comedy
  • Parallax
  • A Cross the Bend
  • A Singletrack State of Mind
  • Spring 2011 – The Lair
  • Long Rides

We have 10 segments for the 1st half and 13 for the 2nd half!

We will also highlight some non-profits and their bike-related work:

Archive of the 2010 Program:

  • 2010 BBFF Trailer
  • Cruiser Crawl Thriller Flash Mob – Luke Menasco (an edited version was shown at the show)
  • Bend Edit – Josh Golden, Young Filmmaker
  • Ten Years of Masquerading – Kent Howes
  • Commute Options – by REALMS
  • The Backyard – Chad Sageser
  • The Daily Shredders- Dave Reuss
  • Spring Fling 2009 – Woody & Violette Starr
  • Vital MTB Bend Edit – Orpheus Productions
  • Bend Endurance Academy Promotional Spot – OK Stuv Films
  • COTA Promotional Spot – OK Stuv Films
  • Big Balls Infomercial – Lindsey Voreis with Kirin and Erika, 7pm Audience Favorite
  • INTERMISSION – RAFFLE – COTA Annual Awards – Beer from Silver Moon Brewing
  • Upsidedown & Underground – Gunnar Oliphant, Young Filmmaker, 4pm Audience Favorite
  • Roller Rumble – Aaron Ogorzalek
  • Surface Tension vs Projectile Motion – Lev Stryker
  • We Haul, The Death of the Rental Truck – Daniel Brewster, 7pm only
  • PB&J (Pumps, Bumps and Jumps) – Chris Treinen
  • Allride Academy in Port Angeles, WA – Kirt Voreis
  • Bending the Tandem Continuum – Jay Palubeski and Eric Schusterman
  • The Birthday Present – Jim Wintermyre
  • Yikes Bikes – OK Stuv Films
  • BOB – Seth Graham
  • NO Big Balls Infomercial – Lindsey Voreis with Kirin and Erika, 7pm only
  • Full Frontal Lobe – Steve Remer

Archive of the 2009 Program:

The 2009 Program featured local productions during the first half. After Intermission and some surprises, we showed some scenes from professional productions.

Local Programming:

  • A new film from Jonas Tarlen, maker of Cinder Pow and Love Me Cinder
  • A short film from Bill Warburton about the Bend Tuesday Night World Championships of the World
  • A short film from Steve Remer featuring some local women riders
  • An Oregon Public Broadcasting Oregon Field Guide featuring some Bend locals
  • A short film from Portland’s John Webster called Dragman

Professional Programming:

  • Local scenes from Kranked 7 : The Cackle Factor from Radical Films
  • Amazing scenes from New World Disorder 9 : Never Enough from NWD Films